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Salsa Latina Salsa Latina Page with photo galleries & Video galleries - Like now. Salsa Latina Videos on Youtube Follow Salsa Latina on Twitter Be informed, join the email Newsletter faqs for Salsa dance classes Salsa Latina Dance Centre Christchurch, 12 Bath St, Christchurch New Zealand 3 Dance Studio's at Salsa Latina Dance Centre, see photos & studio hire information
Salsa Latina Salsa Latina Salsa Latina
Salsa Latina
Latest News for New Classes & Events, plus important updates in Christchurch NZ Calendar Timetable of all dance events & classes for the next couple of months in Christchurch Dance Classes: Salsa, Tango, Hip Hop, Zumba, Bachata, Zouk, Mambo, Cha, Capoeira, Samba, Axe & more in Christchurch New Zealand Salsa Events, Salsa Night, Salsa Competitions & Salsa Congresses in Christchurch & New Zealand Salsa Latina Dance Studio Location, Address, Maps, Parking. Christchurch New Zealand
Salsa Christchurch New Zealand Salsa Christchurch New Zealand Salsa Christchurch New Zealand Salsa Christchurch New Zealand Salsa Christchurch New Zealand Salsa Christchurch New Zealand Salsa Christchurch New Zealand
Salsa Chch
Salsa New Zealand
Salsa Chch

Salsa Chch Salsa Christchurch
 Open during easter
Danza Latina Salsa Classes Salsa Latina Dance Centre: Christchurch NZ  
Modern Salsa & Bachata Dance Classes Salsa Latina Dance Classes & Events: Salsa classes & Latin dance classes. 'Salsa Latina Dance School' in Christchurch New Zealand, teaches modern freestyle Latin dance styles. Beginner Salsa courses start with a FREE 1st Dance Class & FREE Intros at Mashina in Christchurch. ..details >
Independant Dance Classes Independant Classes: Dance Classes & Lessons: Zumba, Tango, Hip Hop, Capoeira, Zouk, Burlesque, Wedding dances, Belly Dance, Pole Dance, Burlesque, Reggaeton, Tai Chi, Yoga & Spanish Language Courses. Many Start with a FREE 1st class at Salsa Latina Dance Centre. ..details >

salsa Beginner Salsa Dance 101 Courses Start:
Learn to Salsa dance progressively through fundamentals from
New Zealand Professional Salsa Champions. Start in Beginner 101 level
8 week course & progress into 33 Salsa levels. Suitable for absolute beginners, No contracts, No obligation & no partners required!
FREE 1st SALSA CLASS! Go in to WIN Salsa CD's & DVD's,
  NEXT Salsa Dance Beginners 101 Courses starting:
Salsa Monday 21st Apr 6:15pm Full Information
Salsa Tuesday 20th May 6:15pm Full Information

salsa Beginner Latin Dance Intros:
Mashina Lounge
Suitable for absolute beginners wanting to try Latin dancing, including Salsa Basics & Merengue or Bachata. Free Intros anyone can join in any week for free. Salsa Nights Mashina lounge most Thursday Nights & there's social dancing afterwards. This is a great way to try out Salsa & Latin dancing. To learn further, join our Salsa Courses.
  Free Salsa & Latin Dance Introductory Classes:
Salsa Thursdays 8:00pm Full Information
Salsa Latina Video 2014: Salsa Classes & Latin Dance Classes. Salsa dance teachers & Performers. Salsa social dancing from events & Salsa Night clubs in Christchurch New Zealand.

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Danza Latina Salsa Classes Salsa Dance Classes & What is Salsa?  

Salsa is a social style and is completely a Improvised dance, meaning its not choreographed (unless its for competition), so you can dance with anyone locally or internationally in Salsa night clubs & events. Our 'Salsa Latina Foundation System' is based on the latest modern linear Salsa fundamentals, technicalities, leading & following, styling & turn patterns from NY & LA with a Puerto Rican & Cuban influence. Salsa helps you look good, feel great and it will spice up your personal life. You will learn Salsa in a way that creates a solid foundation progressively. more here >

Latin dancing
Salsa What is Salsa? Salsa is a dance for Salsa music, originating from Cuba, Puerto Rico & NY, it has now risen to the status of a world dance. Salsa dancing mixes African & European dance influences through the music & dance fusions that are the roots of Salsa. Today Salsa is a very modern dance that is infulenced by other styles of modern dancing. Salsa can be a heavily improvised lead & follow partner dance. The Origin of the salsa dance steps & salsa music.... read more & videos here>
Latin dancing
Latin dancing
Benefits of Salsa Dancing:
salsa classes
Salsa classes are an easy way to meet someone & gain more friends
salsa classes Salsa Dancing is one of the few hobbies that couples or friends can do together
salsa classes Salsa is a Fun way to exercise your body that fits into a lifestyle
salsa classes You will lower your risk of heart attacks and strokes
salsa classes You will have a lower chance of being depressed or other emotional problems
salsa classes Salsa dancing develops co-ordination of mind, muscle & balance
salsa classes Salsa dance is a great social asset & promotes confidence
salsa classes Learn a modern style of dance and go anywhere in the world and dance Salsa with anyone & meet people fast more here >

Danza Latina Salsa Classes Dance Centre Location: 12 Bath Street.  
Salsa Latina Dance Centre is now located on 12 Bath St since May 2012 Located next to South City Mall in Christchurch City Centre ....see photos, maps etc here >
Latin dancing
Salsa Latina at 12 Bath Street, Christchurch

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1st Free Salsa dance classes - Danza Latina Salsa Latin Dance Classes, Lessons, Courses in Christchurch CHCH New Zealand NZ Salsa Latina, Salsa dance Classes in Christchurch New Zealand Salsa latina Dance Teachers, Instructors & performers in Christhchurch New Zealand Salsa Latin Dance Classes, Lessons, Courses in Christchurch CHCH New Zealand NZ Danza Latina Salsa Classes in Christchurch New Zealand Danza Latina Salsa Dance Teachers Reuben & Vikki Winners South Island Salsa Comps & 2nd New Zealand Salsa Comps Professional  Section 2007
Salsa Latina's Performance Team, 'Salsa Sabrosa' represented New Zealand in Australia in 2010 Salsa Latina's Dance Newsletter with all the latest Dance Classes, Events & News Salsa Latina on You Tube Be informed, join the email NewsletterFollow Salsa Latina on TwitterSalsa Latina Videos on Youtube Salsa Latina Page with photo galleries & Video galleries - Like now. Learn to Dance Salsa from NZ Salsa Champions Reuben & Marcela Salsa Dance Classes in Christchurch for Beginners with Free 1st Class