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Date: 2nd May (Christchurch)

Cuban Dance Show

Cuban Carousel International Cuban Dance Show.
Take a dash of Latin rhythms, mix with a passionate splash of Cuban history and ignite with some of the hottest dancers this side of Havana and you have a new show that's sure to be a tempting cocktail of all things Cuban. Be sure to catch this sensational show touring New Zealand in April/May. Cuban Carousel recounts the historical journey of Cuba. Conveyed through music and dance it incorporates a blend of contemporary dance and Afro Latin. Featuring six world-class Cuban dancers and a New Zealand chorus of hand-picked contemporary dancers, the show is an exhilarating ride through the dance forms that personify Cuba. From the first inhabitants of Cuba through to modern day, the show is described as a magical carousel of fantasy and Cuban rhythms.
Get a group of ten together, then the next ticket is FREE, or you can spread the saving over the group as a discount. This group deal can be done directly through ticketek by phone or over the counter (not by internet).
Nationwide Tour
Hamilton: 20th April – Southwell School Performing Arts Centre
Wanganui: 21st April – Royal Opera House
New Plymouth: 23rd April – TSB Showplace
Tauranga: 24th April – Baycourt Theatre
Wellington: 25th April – Opera House
Blenheim: 26th April – Marlborough Civic Theatre
Rotorua: 29th April – Civic Theatre
Napier: 30th April – Municipal Theatre
Auckland: 1st May – SkyCity Theatre
Christchurch: 2nd May – St James Theatre
Dunedin: 3rd May – Mayfair Theatre

Youtube preview of the Cuban Show

The Dancers

Vivio and Greydis
Intimidating credentials, magical presence and sheer experience in dance – 45 YEARS no less – is what the Cuban wonders, Vivio & Greydis bring to the Salsa Congress. Vivio's life in dance begin a staggering 30 years ago upon entering the highly prestigious 'National School of Arts', Havana, Cuba. Vivio graduated after seven years as the 'Top Student of the Year' and with National 1st prizes in both Modern and Contemporary Dance. Greydis began formal dance training at the age of 8, two years later she entered 'The National School of Arts', Havana, Cuba. She underwent the same rigorous training and much like Vivio held one International 1st prize as 'Revelation of the Year' at the Young Talents Festival and two National 1st prizes in Contemporary Dance by the end of her six years of study. Vivio and Greydis have toured more than 25 countries, they have between them taken more than 10 'Invitation Only' courses with some of the biggest names in dance today.

Alex & Yunaisy Alex and Yunaisy are world-class Cuban dancers and teachers based in Italy. Alexander Carbo is a master of Afro-Cuban roots and Cuban salsa and is a sought-after choreographer and judge at salsa competitions and events world-wide. Alex began studying dance at the age of 10 and went on to study to Havana's 'National Academy of Dance' (ENA). He arrived in Italy in 2001 and participated in some of the greatest events of the Latin world: including the Festival of Latin American music (Rome), the Salsa Festival of Rimini, 'The Salsitaly' and the Salsa World Festivals in Rome and Bologna. Yunaisy Farray Castillo was born in Havana and is a grandchild of the famous dancer and teacher Mariseli Castillo (National Dance Company of Cuba). She started studying at the 'Elementary Classical Dance Academy' of Alejo Carpentier aged 9, and quickly became became part of the National Dance Team – Modern and contemporary (ENA). She continued her studies at the 'Academy National Music Entertainment' (ENEM), where she graduated as a singer, actress and dancer and gained skills at the School of Cuban Circus. Yunaisy was also part of the Latin-pop group 'Crash Chicas' singing and dancing before working as a solo performer for the Dance Company of Yolena Alonso at the Casa Della Moda Cubana Maison.

Yarima Gavilan Herrera Yarima is a professional Cuban dancer from Havana, Cuba. In Havana she trained with 'Teatro America' Folklorico de la Universidad de la Habana and 'Escuela Tropicana' then performed professionally for three years with 'Seven Potencias' dance company performing throughout Cuba. Since moving to Sydney she has performed at major festivals and clubs with several stage shows including 'Cuba Todo Loco', 'Afro Cuban Express' and 'Cuban nights'.

Riuben Hernandez Calderin Riuben Hernandez Calderin is a dancer, performer, choreographer and instructor, born in Guantanamo, Cuba. At 15, he was accepted to study at the prestigious 'National School of Arts' (ENA) in Havana, during which time he also joined the 'Danza Teatro Retazos' a contemporary dance/theatre company and later toured with the same company to Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, France, Spain, Italy and Holland. With Danza Teatro Retazos, Riuben has performed, choereographed work and led workshops at the internationally-acclaimed annual 'Festival de Danza en Paisajes Urbanos: Habana Vieja, Cuidad en Movimiento' (Festival of Dance in Urban Spaces: Old Havana, City in Movement). Riuben joined the dance musical 'Lady Salsa' in 2002, touring throughout Australia and New Zealand, and in 2003 he joined 'Ballet Olorun' and performed throughout the Andalucia region of Spain and the Salsa Congress in Cadiz. Based in Sydney since 2005, Riuben has performed in various productions, stage shows, films and appeared on TV including; Cuban Folkloric Company's 'Afro Cuban Express' show at various venues including Darling Harbour; Armandito Productions' 'Cuban Nites' show; The Cuban film 'Ecuacion/Los Tres Juanes', and even the "Old El Paso – Simmering Sauces" TV Commercial.

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